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Top 4 Master programs in Journalism and Mass Communication Courses in 2018

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Top 4 Master programs in Journalism and Mass Communication Courses in 2018

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Australia is now becoming the hub of overseas students pursuing journalism and mass communication courses. In 2018 the demand has increased. Every year, overseas students apply for study visa to pursue higher studies and seek admission in universities for journalism and mass communication. Students during the courses are offered with wide exposure on the subject with practical knowledge provided for better understanding about the changing industry. The course ware is not limited to Australian media, but worldwide.

Australia has the largest number of overseas students in the world. With the strong academic credentials, Australian universities are ranked high. If you are looking forward to pursue master’s program or specialized course in journalism and mass communication, then listed below are the top courses to pursue in 2018:

  1. Master of Communication:

Apply at the University of Canberra, where you can pursue Master of Communication by exploring communication theories, strategic planning and social media. The course is specially designed for senior communication managers looking forward to develop their skills in the field.

  1. Master of Arts in Communication Management:

To pursue this course, you can apply at the University of Technology Sydney. Upon pursuing the course, students will have the ability to analyse, design, cost and evaluate the communication. It will cover field of PR and communication management. The course will give a good understanding about arts and communication management.

  1. Diploma in Screen and Media:

Want to learn about cinema and media? Then Melbourne Polytechnic offers Diploma in Screen and Media to develop production skills, creativity, resourcefulness and resilience as an internet film producer. Students will have chance to write webisodes and micro-blogs, keep active blogs, develop resources, scrapbooks, etc. This is 1 year full time course.

  1. Master of Media Arts and Production:

At University of Technology Sydney, you can apply for Master of Media Arts and Production to learn about the conceptual skills in media production. It gives students an option to experience the creative and technical development of a significant production. After course completion, one can get into production work.

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