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Few Important Things to know before Heading to Canada

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August 31, 2017
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October 11, 2017
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Few Important Things to know before Heading to Canada

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So, you want to shift to Canada for business setup, higher studies or to be a permanent resident. Well, this sounds really good.  In fact, these are 3 major reasons why Canada is the best country to reside permanently. Getting a Canada visa is fairly easy with the help of professional visa service. Diverse Immigration Services is one of the leading visa and immigration Service Company and have been assisting applicants to move to Canada. However, if you’re visiting Canada for the first time, then there are certain things which you should know before shifting to Canada.

Diverse Immigration Services

Let us check some of the important things to know 

  • Canada is a Bilingual Country: The nation has witnessed a large number of immigrants over the year. The country has two official languages- English and French. 17.5% of Canadian speak in these two languages. With more and more people migrating to this country, it has become much easier to communicate and do business.
  • Cost of Living: The cost of living is far less compared to US. From Grocery to restaurant prices, one can save enough money while residing in Canada. So if you’ve a good business setup or a job, then residing in Canada won’t be a financial issue.
  • Most Liberal Country in the World: The Nation ranks 11th position to be liberal country in the world. Canada has seen the largest settlement of Indians, and the numbers are growing. Its progressive reputation and easy immigration process, makes the country immigrant friendly.
  • Free Health Care: Permanent residency can enjoy complete free health care. However, new and temporary residents are likely to purchase a private health insurance plan until they get a public health insurance card. Each province of Canada has its own health insurance plan, so you need to check before heading to the country.

Other things you should know about Canada

  • One of the Polite Countries
  • Animals are wild and dangerous
  • Progressive country
  • Underground Passageways and good transport connectivity

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