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About Germany

Germany is one of the ideal places for skilled migrants because of its requirements of skilled workers. The country, though being the most populated country of Europe, has lack of skill workers. Most of the population of Germany is filled with poets, composers and philosophers. Germany also has the advantage of easy and cheap accommodation to international students and also has some of the biggest supermarkets and clubs in the world

Types of Visas

Germany is one of the biggest economies in the European Union. It is technically advanced and is stated to be the second in the world as an exporter of mostly electronic goods, automobiles cars etc. Features which will attract you to work in Germany are:

  • Technological progress and accomplishment
  • Booming economy and job market
  • Mild climate
  • Access to the finest education
  • Best transportation facilities in the world
  • Negligible crime rate

The Germany EU Blue Card is built up as a immigration card equivalent to the US Green Card for drawing in skilled experts from various parts of the globe. This movement card came into effect from August 1, 2012 particularly for Indian natives. Applicants having specialized aptitudes are focused all things considered; however the German blue card is not simply restricted to the technical people.

  • Applicant must be a Non- EU national
  • Applicant should possess Masters educational degree
  • Valid 5 years of work experience
  • Applicant ought to have a legitimate employment contract with a gross annual payment of at least 47600 Euros annually or,
  • An employment contract in profession with skill shortages such as Scientists, Mathematics, Engineers, Doctors and IT- skilled workers with the sum of 37128 Euros annually
  • Germany EU Blue Card system works for both work and residence permit.
  • This card allows only well-educated and skillful foreigners to live and work in the EU.
  • In the end of first 2 years in the said country, migrant can also move to any other country under the Blue Card Agreement.
  • Under the Blue Card, after successfully completing 5 years in a country, the migrant can apply for PR.
  • Equivalent working and salary conditions as the country nationals
  • Entitled to socio-economic rights
  • Great for family reunification
  • Under the Blue Card, after successfully completing 5 years in a country, the migrant can apply for PR
  • Free to travel everywhere in the European Union itself
  • Tax benefits, pension funds, social benefits equivalent to the natives of that country
  • Have the benefit of free education

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