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Travel Visas are the temporary visas that are issued to the candidates for a constrained time frame. It is a non immigrant visa. The visa is valid roughly for 6 months, which may broaden or lessen at times. Travel Visas does not permits the candidates to stay in abroad for quite a while. The visa holder is not liable to get any of the free government facilities, for example, medicinal services, convenience, and so on.

Travel Visas are by and large grouped into two parts:

Visitor Visas – This kind of visa holder is permitted to enter the intended nation for tourist purpose. The visa holder is not permitted to work or take part in any sort of commercial activities. The term of a visitor visa is valid for 3 months to 6 months, yet it might shift now and again. Traveler Visas can be utilized for holiday purpose, visit family and companions, or entertainment reason.

Business Visas – This kind of visa holder is permitted to enter the planned country for business reason. He/she is permitted to go to gatherings, conferences, traditions, or transient venture prerequisite in the expected country. The individual holding a Business Visa cannot undertake full time job.

Diverse Immigration Services will give complete help to acquire a travel visa. Our master advisers will guide you in the documentation procedure, which makes it simple for you to secure a travel visa.

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