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Canada is one of the most popular countries for temporary as well as permanent Visa access. The country with the population of over 30 million people, has an access to over 200, 000 migrants per year. The migrants have the convenience to work and reside in any part of the country. Individuals can also get the access of Permanent residence once they have completed 3 years of living. Canada is famous due to its low crime rate and an ultimate satisfied life once getting a Permanent Residence status. Permanent resident can get access to all types of autonomy and rights as that of Canadian residents.

Types of Visas


The candidates for Provincial Nominee Program must be nominated by a Canadian province or territory. To apply for this program, the candidates ought to have the right skills, training capabilities and work experience required for making a quick monetary commitment to the province or territory that names them. In the wake of accepting the receivable, the applicants under this system are enriched with permanent inhabitant status and at last the chance to apply for Canadian citizenship.

Eligibility Criteria

All the Canadian Provinces don’t offer Provincial Nomination Schemes; be that as it may, most areas have congruity with the Government of Canada that permits them to assign outsiders who seek to settle in that locale.

The candidates need to pass the following three phases for getting to be qualified to apply for the Provincial Nomination Scheme:

  • Work Offer: The candidate must hold a credible employment offer from a Canadian organization situated in the same territory to which the hopeful arrangements to relocate. Something else, the candidates can likewise achieve an assignment endorsement if their nearby relatives live in that territory.
  • Provincial Government Approval: The in-hand job offer has to be approved by the pertinent provincial government. The applicants are then assessed depending upon the migration requirements of a specific province. However, the candidates are also required to justify that they have a genuine interest to reside and work in that province.
  • Application for Permanent Residency:After receiving the nomination from a particular province, the applicants need to submit their applications for permanent residency with Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC).


Candidates need to affirm that they have adequate cash to support themselves and in addition their dependents after they move to Canada. Provincial Nominee applications are given inclination over other talented visa candidates by Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC).

Right away, the following regions and regions in Canada offer Provincial Nomination Schemes:

  • Alberta
  • British Columbia
  • Manitoba
  • New Brunswick
  • Newfoundland and Labrador
  • Nova Scotia
  • Ontario
  • Prince Edward Island
  • Saskatchewan
  • Yukon

Fundamental features of the visa

  • Provincial Nomination Scheme visa is an express pathway to Canadian immigration
  • It is not a points-based system like the Federal Skilled Worker Programme
  • Permanent residence visa holders have the choice to apply for Canadian nationality
  • Applicants are entitled to the same benefits as those of a Federal Skilled worker holder
  • Applicants are constrained to work only in the province sponsoring their application
  • Successful applicants gain access to government-subsidized health care, free education and social benefits
  • Successful applicants are eligible to work, pursue further studies or invest in a business

Spouse and Dependent Immigration

The primary applicant can take account of a common law partner, wedded partner and/or dependent children in the application. Every province tenders its own measures regarding dependents and other obligations that need to be fulfilled for becoming eligible to apply for that province.


Applicants holding a strong education background, are proficient, have in-demand skills, can absorb into a new environment and have the knack to make immediate economic contribution to the state of Quebec can apply for Canadian permanent residency through Quebec Selected Skilled Workers Program.

Quebec – Selected Skilled Worker program is an alternate points-based immigration pathway to Canada through which the applicants can get permanent Canadian visa for immigration. Quebec skilled worker visa for Canada offers unobstructed access to the domestic job market even without the Canadian work permit, a sponsoring employer, or any particular job offer.

  • The applicant must be acquainted with these languages – English and French
  • The applicants need to confirm that they can support themselves & their family in Quebec


Eligibility Criteria

The single, unmarried applicants must score at least 55 points including adaptability,wedded couples or those with common-law or marital partner must score minimum 63 points a supplementary 6 points may be awarded upon the interview for Adaptability

Selection is based on the following significant factors:

  • Education / Training
  • Language Proficiency
  • Experience
  • Prior Employment Offer
  • Age
  • Children
  • Spouse Characteristics
  • Adaptability
  • Family in Quebec
  • Financial Self-Sufficiency



Two autonomous selection systems – one for single applicants and the other for couples

Statistics Canada suggests that the country’s speedily ageing population, together with a shortage of youthful workers, will lead to a major dearth of skilled employees and could mean immigrants will account for more or less all of the labor force growth within 10 years down the line.

The candidates for Canada PR Federal Skilled Worker Visa ought to be well-qualified and should have abilities or occupation experiences to meet Canada’s lack of skilled workers and add to the Canadian economy. The visa candidates need to demonstrate that they satisfy the base visa necessities which incorporate having applicable work experience; one year of which must be in an assigned occupation, a job offer from a Canadian boss, or are abroad workers or students who are presently living in Canada.

What’s more, the candidates are required to meet the points based evaluation which is additionally an important qualification rule. For getting this visa, the candidate is required to score least 67 out of 100 points and is evaluated on six primary variables including age, training, work experience, dialect capacity, versatility and arranged employment in Canada. Successful candidates are given a permanent residency visa and are qualified to live and work in Canada with no limitations.

Educational Credential Assessment

Potential applicants need to begin the process of getting an Educational Credential A

Applicants should also fulfill the following program eligibility requirements:

  • A valid offer of arranged employment or are applying under the PhD stream or appropriate occupations stream
  • Fulfill the minimum language requirement through a designated third-party test.

Applicants holding Canadian educational credentials do not need to get an ECA, unless they are also submitting a foreign educational credential in favor of their application.

The ECA process will assist in finding out whether the foreign educational credential is genuine and equivalent to an accomplished credential in Canada. For potential applicants, the ECA can provide a reasonable understanding of how their overseas educational credentials are likely to be recognized in Canada.

Four organizations have been nominated by the Minister to endow with ECA reports for purposes of immigrating to Canada under the FSWP. Other organizations may be nominated by CIC in the near future.

The designated organizations are:

  • Comparative Education Service
  • International Credential Assessment Service of Canada
  • World Education Services
  • Medical Council of Canada

Fundamental Features of this visa

  • Canada Immigration or Canada PR Federal Skilled Worker visa permits you to work in Canada without being sponsored by any employer, a Canadian work permit or a job offer
  • Successful applicants are liberated to work without any limitations, like incase of work permit
  • After three years of stay in the country, the applicant can apply for Canadian citizenship
  • After receiving the Canadian Passport & Citizenship, the candidate can travel to different countries across the globe without a visa
  • The primary candidates can also sponsor their immediate family & relatives to join them in Canada
  • Canadian permanent residences includes access to government subsidized education, healthcare (Medicare), Canada’s labor market and associated insurance and pension benefits
  • In case the application gets returned, the fee will be refunded by the Higher Commission


Eligibility Criteria

  1. The application for FSW will only get processed if the applicant meets any of the following 3 criteria:
  2. The applicant must have no less than one year of ceaseless full time or equivalent paid work experience in the last one decade in at least one of the occupational categories recognized in the Ministerial Instructions.


  1. The applicant should have an offer of arranged employment in Canada. The employment offer should be:
  • In writing,
  • Indeterminate in duration, and
  • Meet the arranged employment factor


  1. Applicant must be an international student presently enrolled in a doctoral (PhD) program, delivered by an approved post-secondary educational institution based in Canada, and:
  • Have completed minimum two years of PhD,
  • Should have excellent academic status and


  1. The applicant has completed a PhD program from a recognized post-secondary educational institution based in Canada just 12 months before their application is received by the Centralized Intake Office (CIO) and:
  • Applicant has not received a Government of Canada award that requires them to return back to their home country to apply their knowledge and skills; or
  • In case the applicants are recipient of such award, they have to satisfy the terms/conditions of the award.


 Canada PR Canada Immigration Points-based Assessment

The applicant is required to achieve minimum passing marks i.e. 67. Applicants are further evaluated on the following factors:

  • Age
  • Education
  • Work experience
  • Adaptability
  • Language ability
  • Arranged employment


Foreigners who have formerly studied or worked in Quebec province are eligible to immigrate under the Quebec Experience Class. There are 2 categories listed under this fast-track Canadian immigration scheme:

  • Foreign students
  • Temporary Foreign Workers

How to Apply

The applicants have to follow a 2 step process:

  • First things first, the applicant has to apply for Certificat de Sélection du Quebec (Quebec Selection Certificate, an official document that allows the applicant to immigrate to Quebec, commonly known as a CSQ).
  • Subsequently, the visa applicants need to submit their applications to Citizenship and Immigration Canada for federal authorization so that their Canadian Immigration (Permanent Resident) Visa can be issued.


Eligibility for Foreign Students

The applicant must hold a degree or diploma from an educational institution approved by the Quebec Ministry of Education;

Applicant must have studied in Quebec for at least 1,800 hours (2 years)

It is mandatory for the applicants to confirm that they have successfully completed an intermediate level French course at a Quebec educational institution, if their schooling was not completed in French.


Eligibility for Temporary Foreign Workers

Candidate must possess minimum 12 months of Quebec work experience in a skilled, administrative or professional occupation in the 24 months before their application submission

Candidates have to be employed and must show legal status in Quebec at the time of filing their visa applications

It is mandatory for the applicants to confirm that they have successfully completed an intermediate level French course at a Quebec educational institution, or provide proof of a standardized French aptitude test. Otherwise, visa applicants can confirm that they have fulfilled the French language requirements of the professional order prevailing to their occupation in Quebec.

Documents Required

  • Valid passport
  • Employment related documents
  • Medical certificate
  • Educational qualification documents
  • Police certificate
  • Documents to justify your language aptitude


Benefits of Canada Quebec Experience Class

  • Visa applicant gets entitled to Quebec Permanent Residence
  • Stay, work, study or travel in Quebec
  • Eligible for social security benefits
  • Family members can convoy the primary applicants

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