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Diverse Immigration Services embraces its mission to bring each client the best service.

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Leading Visa & Immigration Consultant in India

Diverse Immigration Services, the leading Immigration and Visa service provider in Delhi. With immense experience of client servicing and facilitating individuals to achieve their dreams, Diverse Immigration Services has carved his own elite niche for providing the best immigration service in Delhi.

Diverse Immigration services is the leader in the market for two things; first its honesty and transparency while dealing with the clients and second its accuracy and efficiency while working for the clients.

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Canada is one of the most popular countries for permanent Visa access.



Australia is one of the most attractive tourist place of the world for its pleasant climate.

New Zealand


New Zealand is a heavenly paradise, because of its excellent weather condition.



Germany is one of the ideal places for skilled migrants and Visa.

Hong Kong


The biggest advantage of Hong Kong is that it is the country of free economy.



Singapore is one of the leading financial hubs of the world.

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Our Testimonials

  • I want to thank Diverse Immigration Services as they handled my daughter's immigration to Hong Kong. We associated with the consultancy few months ago and were already depressed because we had linked with numerous of consultancy but no one of them was working out then we reached Diverse Immigration Services. This consultancy is authentic and genuine they took reasonable time and money in case of my daughter and we got my daughter's immigration procedure finished in few months only.
  • It was worth to associate with Diverse Immigration Services for number of months as I was looking for a legitimate visa and immigration consultancy so that I can get my visa and immigration done in reasonable time and fees. The consultancy is trustworthy and one can keep his/her total faith in the consultancy and its expertise team. I'm thankful to the consultancy and would like to suggest everyone to not to waste time and money at various   consultancies and take footsteps straight to Diverse Immigration Services.
  • Undoubtedly, Diverse Immigration Services is top notch visa and immigration consultancy in India. The consultancy provided me and my family help in getting immigration to UK as we were seeking for such offer for a long time. We are satisfied with the time and money consultancy charged from us and thankfully we resides in Denmark now. I would like to advice to keep your way clear to Diverse Immigration Services in case searching for genuine immigration consultancy.
  • dims india
    I had a great experience in aspect of services offered by Diverse Immigration Services. I was having visa issues and I wanted to get work abroad. I reached Diverse Immigration Services and they get my visa issues resolved in few weeks. Also, I get work in an organization in Denmark only with the help of Diverse Immigration Services pvt.Ltd.
  • dims india
    I'm pleased with the services of Diverse Immigration Services pvt. Ltd. I wanted to study abroad since I was in academics and as soon as I complete my intermediate and came in contact with Diverse Immigration Services as I was seeking for studying abroad opportunity. However, the immigration consultancy provided me full guidance of its expertise during the procedure and I am  studying in Australia now.
  • dims india
    Diverse Immigration Services is well known immigration consultancy. The consultancy is genuine and legitmate as I am linked with the consultancy considering my working abroad procedure. The consultancy consist of various experts in handling visa and immigration issues. Completing the documentation formalities under the guidance of such relevant consultancy is pleasing.
  • dims india
    The immigration consultancy helped my family and me for settling in Singapore. The consultant in this consultancy are understanding and supportive. I'm delightful to suggest visiting Diverse Immigration Services. Because their services are authentic.3. Diverse Immigration Services is one of the authentically active visa and immigration consultancy throughout the country I have ever known
  • dims india
    I'm studying in Australia since a year and thanks to Diverse Immigration Services, it was an amazing experience to me while being linked with such a prominent consultancy in our country. I'm further thinking of working abroad and because Diverse Immigration Services exists, I have all of my hopes on and positive. I'm pleased with this consultancy's service and the support of professionals operate in the consultancy. If anyone of you seeking for this kind of opportunity, do reach Diverse Immigration Services.enue. You won't regret.
  • dims india
    All the credit goes to Diverse Immigration Services that I'm studying in Germany currently. The consultancy and team of experts holding distinguished departments in the consultancy are very much dedicated towards their work. However, the consultancy ensures accomplishment to the clients and take less and reasonable time. Facilities and services provided by the consultancy are reliable and one can keep hopes as well as trust in this visa and immigration consultancy.
  • dims india
    The consultancy is prominent in and has accomplished numerous of immigration and visa cases. I immigrated to New Zealand last year with the help of Diverse Immigration Services and very thankful for their service. I'm living my dream here. I'm also thinking of reaching the visa avenue as I want my parents to get settled here with me. I'm sure that the consultancy will handle their settlement issue easily.